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Vår lille hyggelige gjeng vokser! Vi er nå på utkikk etter ambassadører som kan bli med oss på morsomme turer, festivaler, konkurranser og andre arrangementer. Er du glad i sommer, sol, surf, musikk og mennesker? Har du en utadvent personlighet, og er sjarmerende, livlig, naturlig og energisk? Da har du enten null selvinnsikt og grenser til sosiopat, eller perfekt for rollen som merkevareambassadør! Uansett, vil vi gjerne høre fra deg.

Fortell oss bittelitt om deg selv i meldingsfeltet. P.S. må ha fyllt 18 år.

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New Yorkers in Oslo

Screenshot from the New York Times article. By Ben Russel

Screenshot from the New York Times article. By Ben Russel

We are so hyped right now! One of the restaurant we are bringing to X Games just got critics pick and a super comprehensive and applauded review in New York Times.

When I first walked into their little shack under the subway in North Williamsburg, I was amazed by the atmosphere in the shop, here was 4 tight friends listening to hip hop, talking about skateboarding and serving up some of the best food I’ve ever tried. We were so grateful they wanted to join us and fly all the way to Oslo, and it seems like New York Times share our view of the place. Hell yea Mike and Bryan!

Read about the boys here:







Feast Days

As promised last week, we are back with another update about our road to X Games, Oslo. It’s kind of crazy and very intense these days, as we are getting the last few puzzles into place, so that we can finally start building the different areas and watch our ideas come to life.

Our goal is to make the food a part of this event in more ways than one. It will have a unique atmosphere, be a part of the celebration and a part of the entertainment. Most of all, it will be a feast for all to enjoy. And according to an online free dictionary with a shitty interface; A feast is a large, elaborately prepared meal, usually for many persons and often accompanied by entertainment. Which is particularly accurate to what we are aiming to achieve, we hope that everyone will indulge in some of our vendors awesome food whilst watching the rippers do their thing.

Here is what we are bringing to X Games Oslo:

Food Truck Feast - Skur 13 (Skate)

We are creating an inner city atmosphere by having flaming oil barrels accompanied by good beats and well designed food trucks. You will be able to get your hands on some delicious tacos, freshly made burgers, veggie options and lots more!  

Forest Feast - Wyller (Super Pipe)

Here you will get the feeling of your local mountain forest cabin. The mood is set by using nature’s elements in the decor, soulful music and delicious food. You’ll be able to watch the superpipe competition whilst biting into a few awesome pieces of fried chicken, munchin on some korean rice balls or enjoying one of the other awesome selections.

Backyard Feast - Tøyen (BigAir)

This one is Inspired by the chic and rustic backyard at your favourite bar, we’ll have lots and lots of light chains, wooden food stalls and very exciting food. Here you will find everything from french crêpes to one of the best falafels we have ever tried. It will really be a feast for all people of all ages and tastes.





Catering Collective at X Games Oslo

Over the past few weeks we have been scratching our heads about what we can do to create something that’s a little different, cool, and most of all impressive to the organizers of an upcoming event in Oslo. We recently got the opportunity to pitch a concept where we handle all the food at X Games Oslo, yep, the internationally acclaimed event where the world's best skateboarders, snowboarders and skiers compete for cash and glory. And because we have all been pretty heavily involved, or even completely absorbed by action sports our whole life, this was a huge deal for us.

Obviously we worked crazy long days to come up with something rad. We knew that we were up against some of the most awesome food organizers in the country, but we also knew that our international focus was something that made us stand out a little bit. So without revealing too much of what we presented; our focus was to bring in international food concepts and to create a different atmosphere at each arena.

X Games will be taking place in Oslo Feb. 24-28, 2016. It is the first time both summer and winter sports will be contested internationally at the same event. There will be 21 hours of live coverage on TV2 in Norway, YLE (Finland), SVT (Sweden) and DR (Denmark). There will also be a global coverage by ESPN, ESPN3 and as part of its "World of X Games" series on ABC. In addition to the action sports competition, there will be art shows, concerts and a brand new focus on cutting edge food experiences.

We will be posting fairly regularly in the lead up to the event. Stay tuned for an update about the different concepts and a brief introduction of some of the chefs/restaurants next week.



Ants, Foraging and Goodvibes

Even Rømo and Magnus Støre. Photo: Julie Balas

Even Rømo and Magnus Støre. Photo: Julie Balas

We walked into the small venue in Oslo knowing that we would experience something quite unique, our tastebuds were ripe and our stomachs growling. We had been working with Magnus Støre and Even Rømo for some time but this was our first official event.


Magnus and Even are the boys behind Svinepels; A traveling restaurant with a passion for foraging, ants and fermentation and a dislike for formalities and uptight moods. They serve all their food with chill music, voluntary cutlery and lot’s of smiles. The event’s menu consisted of 24 different dishes, all locally sourced or hand picked. We ate everything from crayfish with ants, fermented strawberry sauce on scallops with unripe strawberries, to reindeer lichens and nitrogen chilled cheese.

This was definitely a new experience for us, and it was a really great one. So thanks to Svinepels for a great night and for being part of our collective! You guys rule!



Svinepels Pop-Up

Kjære venner!

Den 4 og 5 September åpner Svinepels restaurant for en helg på Kantina ved Sofienbergparken i Oslo. Det blir en hævvlang meny og drikke til dem som ønsker det. Det er 20 plasser hver dag, venteliste etter det. Påmelding er bindende og gjøres via skjema på vår nettside:

Pris mat: 900
Pris drikke: 550

Rødbet- og avokadosalat med creme fraiche og eggeplomme

Eller kanskje du vil ha et cateringkonsept som tilbyr restaurantliknende opplevelser der du ønsker det? Ingen faste menyer, men skreddersyr matopplevelsen slik at den passer perfekt til anledningen. Målet vårt er at en kveld med Svinepels skal være et alternativ til å gå på en god restaurant, enten du feirer bursdagen din hjemme hos deg selv, gifter deg, holder konfirmasjon, arrangerer kickoff eller bare vil ha fantastisk mat!

Kyllingbryst fylt med sitroner og nøtter, servert med potetpuré, syltet fenikkel og løk, sopp og parmesanchips

Jordksokkmousse, rømmeis og tindved




Getting tropical in Lombok

First and foremost I am a surfer and Indonesia has more perfect waves across the archipelago than anywhere else on earth.  But it’s also now home to my parents who retired and moved to Lombok from Melboure Australia in 2000 where they found their paradise in the lush green seaside village of Sengiggi.


It’s easy to understand why surfers and travelers from around the world love Indonesia: beautiful and diverse culture, tropical climate, awesome beaches, perfect surf, amazing snorkeling and diving, incredible volcanic landscapes, wildlife, beautiful languages with many dialects, friendly and generally welcoming people, everything is cheap, Coffee (try kopi jawa dan kopi luwak!), Delicious food and much much more...

Below are my top 5 go to dishes when traveling Indonesia:

1.   Nasi Goreng:  No matter where you are in Indonesia, you’re not far away from a tasty plate of nasi goreng (fried rice). It’s cheap, filling, and reliable.

2.   Nasi campur: A plate of rice with assorted side dishes from; fish, meat, vegetables in the form of curries, stir-fries, salads, stews, gravy-based dishes or deep-fried items

3.   Pelecing: Plecing kale is a typical dish from Lombok Indonesia consisting of kale and spinach and are boiled and served cold with fresh tomato sauce, made from chilli pepper, salt, shrimp paste and tomatoes.

4.   Satay: a simple yet delicious dish of seasoned chicken or beef cubes grilled over hot coals on bamboo skewers with sweet, spicy marinate served with warm rice or rice cakes wrapped in leaves and vegetables.

5.   Bakso soup: Is a savory soup of meatballs and noodles often garnished with bok choy, wontons, tofu, crisp fried shallots and hard-boiled egg, this is Indonesia's national street food.

When I’m in Indonesia I live off the above dishes washed down with an icy cold bintang (Indonesian national and most popular beer) or a fresh fruit juice depending on the time of day -  nothing better!


A festival update


A festival update

Thought i would write a little update from our preparations for the festival. Things are looking positive! We are even suppose to see a little sunshine during the festival at Jæren, that makes us feel good... 

We have designed and locked down all of our food bars. Falafels, seafood, crispy noodles and authentic pulled pork burger are some of the things on our menu. I wanna jump right in and start a nibble from this menu:   

Folk Food delivers an awesome menu with bagels and falafels, Saveurs&Seasons uses the best of local seafood and vegetables, and KrosbyBBQ,a world star bbq family, will be there with a massive smoker. På Pinne serves up acai bowl and amazing ice creams on a stick. 

Unstad has designed the layout and profiles of the bars. Its gonna rock!

Kris has booked his ticket from New York, the car is about to be packed and we are ready to work our ass off! Wes is well settled in Indo, and will keep an eye on us from a distance. 

Hope we see a lot of you guys there!



Catering Collective




Catering Collective På festival!

Photo: Hedda Rysstad

Catering Collective og Lydbølger

Vi er blitt tatt inn i (sommer)varmen av surf og musikkfestivalen Lydbølger i Stavanger. Festivalen som finner sted på Bore stranden utenfor Stavanger har gitt oss ansvaret for å skape et fantastisk matkonsept for å kunne tilby noe ekstra til alle festivalfans.

Medeier i festivalen Per Arne Zahl sier at målet med festivalen er å skape en topp atmosfære gjennom live musikk, fantastisk lokasjon på stranden og å tilby en autentisk og ekstra god matopplevelse. "Catering Collective tilbyr dette på alle mulige måter."

Vi lager en food-zone hvor alle sultne festivaldeltakere kan finne noe å mette seg på fra flere av våre partnere:

Folk Food serverer en deilig bagel-frokost med ett vegetarisk alternativ og ett kjøtt-alternativ. Du kan også få servert frisk fruktsalat og deilig hjemmelaget lemonade. Til lunsj og middag kan du nyte en god, crunchy falafel wrap. Folk Foods gode humør og trendy stil vil definitivt skape god stemming og mette mange sultne festivalmager.

Saveurs & Seasons vil by på fersk sjømat; velg mellom Ceviche, Paella, ferske reker og østers. Prøv også et sunt og deilig måltid fra deres Healthy Stand. Start dagen med en frisk yoghurt med honning, müsli og gresskarfrø og nyt et utvalg av Crispy Noodles, Glazed Vegetables og Fresh bean salad hele dagen lang.

Krosby BBQ, verdensmestere i BBQ og våre egne TV-stjerner, serverer et BBQ-måltid ut av denne verden! På menyen finner du Pulled Pork, gourmet pølser og hot wings, alt basert på lokale råvarer.

På Pinne tar med seg vognen sin fyllt med et utvalg av deilige is på pinne til dessert. Unn deg en riktig god is basert på naturlige ingredienser. Avslutt måltidet med kaffe, te eller kakao fra Coffe Town som vil være mobile rundt festivalområdet.

Ble du litt sulten nå?

Vi ser frem til å servere deg der!