First and foremost I am a surfer and Indonesia has more perfect waves across the archipelago than anywhere else on earth.  But it’s also now home to my parents who retired and moved to Lombok from Melboure Australia in 2000 where they found their paradise in the lush green seaside village of Sengiggi.


It’s easy to understand why surfers and travelers from around the world love Indonesia: beautiful and diverse culture, tropical climate, awesome beaches, perfect surf, amazing snorkeling and diving, incredible volcanic landscapes, wildlife, beautiful languages with many dialects, friendly and generally welcoming people, everything is cheap, Coffee (try kopi jawa dan kopi luwak!), Delicious food and much much more...

Below are my top 5 go to dishes when traveling Indonesia:

1.   Nasi Goreng:  No matter where you are in Indonesia, you’re not far away from a tasty plate of nasi goreng (fried rice). It’s cheap, filling, and reliable.

2.   Nasi campur: A plate of rice with assorted side dishes from; fish, meat, vegetables in the form of curries, stir-fries, salads, stews, gravy-based dishes or deep-fried items

3.   Pelecing: Plecing kale is a typical dish from Lombok Indonesia consisting of kale and spinach and are boiled and served cold with fresh tomato sauce, made from chilli pepper, salt, shrimp paste and tomatoes.

4.   Satay: a simple yet delicious dish of seasoned chicken or beef cubes grilled over hot coals on bamboo skewers with sweet, spicy marinate served with warm rice or rice cakes wrapped in leaves and vegetables.

5.   Bakso soup: Is a savory soup of meatballs and noodles often garnished with bok choy, wontons, tofu, crisp fried shallots and hard-boiled egg, this is Indonesia's national street food.

When I’m in Indonesia I live off the above dishes washed down with an icy cold bintang (Indonesian national and most popular beer) or a fresh fruit juice depending on the time of day -  nothing better!