Thought i would write a little update from our preparations for the festival. Things are looking positive! We are even suppose to see a little sunshine during the festival at Jæren, that makes us feel good... 

We have designed and locked down all of our food bars. Falafels, seafood, crispy noodles and authentic pulled pork burger are some of the things on our menu. I wanna jump right in and start a nibble from this menu:   

Folk Food delivers an awesome menu with bagels and falafels, Saveurs&Seasons uses the best of local seafood and vegetables, and KrosbyBBQ,a world star bbq family, will be there with a massive smoker. På Pinne serves up acai bowl and amazing ice creams on a stick. 

Unstad has designed the layout and profiles of the bars. Its gonna rock!

Kris has booked his ticket from New York, the car is about to be packed and we are ready to work our ass off! Wes is well settled in Indo, and will keep an eye on us from a distance. 

Hope we see a lot of you guys there!



Catering Collective