As promised last week, we are back with another update about our road to X Games, Oslo. It’s kind of crazy and very intense these days, as we are getting the last few puzzles into place, so that we can finally start building the different areas and watch our ideas come to life.

Our goal is to make the food a part of this event in more ways than one. It will have a unique atmosphere, be a part of the celebration and a part of the entertainment. Most of all, it will be a feast for all to enjoy. And according to an online free dictionary with a shitty interface; A feast is a large, elaborately prepared meal, usually for many persons and often accompanied by entertainment. Which is particularly accurate to what we are aiming to achieve, we hope that everyone will indulge in some of our vendors awesome food whilst watching the rippers do their thing.

Here is what we are bringing to X Games Oslo:

Food Truck Feast - Skur 13 (Skate)

We are creating an inner city atmosphere by having flaming oil barrels accompanied by good beats and well designed food trucks. You will be able to get your hands on some delicious tacos, freshly made burgers, veggie options and lots more!  

Forest Feast - Wyller (Super Pipe)

Here you will get the feeling of your local mountain forest cabin. The mood is set by using nature’s elements in the decor, soulful music and delicious food. You’ll be able to watch the superpipe competition whilst biting into a few awesome pieces of fried chicken, munchin on some korean rice balls or enjoying one of the other awesome selections.

Backyard Feast - Tøyen (BigAir)

This one is Inspired by the chic and rustic backyard at your favourite bar, we’ll have lots and lots of light chains, wooden food stalls and very exciting food. Here you will find everything from french crêpes to one of the best falafels we have ever tried. It will really be a feast for all people of all ages and tastes.